Ryan Schachtner Set To Release A Book For Financial Stability And Success

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(CHARLOTTE, NC) – Former athlete and financial expert Ryan Schachtner along with NBA veteran and entrepreneur Anthony Tolliver will launch the book “Foundation for Financial Excellence” on July 12, 2021.

Growing up engaging in sports, Schachtner and Tolliver observed that athletes have developed the desired characteristics for success regardless of their future profession, but like the majority of Americans, lack knowledge on establishing their financial stability. They recognize that most athletes don’t understand the rules of the game they’re playing. When you don’t understand the rules, you rely on luck and hope, and that is not a game-winning strategy. To win in athletics it takes knowing your role, the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent, and the right strategy that if executed properly will achieve success; the same is needed in finance.

Like in sports, a game plan is also needed in the financial aspect of life. Every decision counts and can determine success or failure, Schachtner said.

Schachtner and Tolliver’s book “Foundation for Financial Excellence” can help athletes build their game plan to achieve financial stability for the long game. The financial concepts are told through the universal language of sports and are packed with insights that will empower them to take charge of their financial life.

“This is your game plan for financial stability and success. Within these pages you will learn how to handle your money; from taking loans to explaining taxes, from choosing a financial advisor to making investments. In addition to learning how to manage your money, you will also learn how to avoid identity fraud, tax issues, bad or misguided generosity, the mistakes many top athletes have made, moving them from being millionaires to just getting by,” Schachtner said.

This author has collaborated with and includes accounts of numerous current and former professional athletes that have been on all ends of the financial spectrum. He also helps athletes determine the ideal businesses and partners to work with, how to connect with the right people, and how to climb the corporate ladder.

“Foundation for Financial Excellence” is now available through Amazon’s link: https://amzn.to/3yGuZpu.

Schachtner’s book includes lessons or takes from 14-year NBA Veteran, entrepreneur, and prolific seed funder, Anthony Tolliver who placed his own take on financial fortitude, personal finance agility, and ongoing training with athletes’ on their finances. Tolliver made it his mission to spread financial literacy. And for the first time, with Foundation for Financial Excellence, there is a book that inputs these lessons that can relate to athletes that didn’t go pro to athletes that are pro right now.

The Foreword by NCAA National Champion and five-time NFL Pro Bowler Roy Williams offers a candid look at an Athlete’s life after the professional games have been played. His story begins with aggressive investments that have not worked to his advantage but with careful re-planning and re-education, became successful. His lesson is that every athlete must look for a workable financial game plan that will set them on the path of a viably good future.

Schachtner is the president and founder of “A Must Win” which works with college athletic departments and teams teaching financial literacy and Carolina Asset Management which works with individuals and businesses across the country to build financial stability, security, and peace of mind for their clients.

He started his career in the finance industry at 19 years old as an intern at Northwestern Mutual, a financial services organization based in Milwaukee. He now owns Carolina Asset Management an independent financial services firm located in Charlotte.

Schachtner has attended and participated in athletics at various educational institutions, including Catholic Memorial High School, Waukesha South High School, and Cardinal Stritch University.

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