RGS Healthcare Announces Thyroid Radiofrequency Ablation Device & Training

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RGS Healthcare announced that it now provides otolaryngologists and endocrinologists with an effective treatment for the reduction of nodules, cysts, and other tissue growths, along with training for medical professionals. The V-1000 device – made by RF Medical Co Ltd. – offers a minimally-invasive, non-surgical alternative to traditional growth removal techniques.

More details can be found at https://rgshealthcare.com

The announcement explains that while the technology has been in use across the world for the last fifteen years, it has only just become available to clinicians in the US. RGS Healthcare brings expertise in helping medical professionals find the right technology to match their needs and deliver better patient outcomes.

According to RGS, radiofrequency ablation treatment is effective in delivering a mean reduction in the size of both hot and cold benign thyroid nodules. This offers a viable treatment for patients suffering from hyperthyroidism with trials reporting a success rate of over 80%. The V-1000 is the only multi-purpose RFA generator available anywhere in the world and can be used to cauterize growths in the lungs, kidneys, and bones.

Notable features of this RFA generator include compatibility with various electrode types and a variety of treatment algorithms stored in the device’s memory. Ease of use is assured with a 7-inch LCD TFT touchscreen with a smart and intuitive interface. Furthermore, The V-1000 comes with an advanced self-test function, patient pad monitoring, and a voice information system.

In addition to supplying clients with the unit, RGS Healthcare also delivers on-site training and support for the staff. This enables a smooth setup and allows clinicians to ask any questions they may have about the device’s operation. All of this is complemented by a series of helpful videos that can be accessed via the RGS website, demonstrating some useful techniques for practitioners.

A spokesperson says, ” Performed under local anesthesia, radiofrequency ablation is relatively painless and does not require general anesthesia. Doctors use guided ultrasound to insert a thermal probe into the thyroid nodule. Through selective heating of the probe tip, the nodule is destroyed. The cauterized tissue is then broken down by the body.”

For more information, go to https://rgshealthcare.com/thyroid-ablation/


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