Introducing NekoCat, Blessing you with luck by utilizing yield farming.

Melbourne State, Australia, 30 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, NekoCat adopted her name from Maneki Neko which translate to “lucky cats” as it is widely believed to bring good luck for the owners. NekoCat, which debuted 2 days ago, received wide attention due to the fact that it “primarily focusing on native tokens” in an effort to stabilize price. Currently, there are 231 holders of $NKC tokens and the number is expected to rise with more marketing in place to further raise awareness.

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Dr. Ankit Rao Catalyzing The Growth In Digital Medical Affairs

Dr. Ankit Rao is a Dentist, a Medical Affairs Professional and a Community Welfare Guide working in collaboration with top Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). He addresses up-to-date healthcare information needs, delivers strategic and integrated communications solutions with comprehensive reach – online, print, live and via custom programs to all the stakeholders in the medical and pharma industry in the Indian Sub-continent. Maharashtra, India, 30 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, “The whole segment of medical affairs has now shifted from operating offline to

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Memoriae – Next Generation of Decentralized Cloud Storage Based on Blockchain

The proliferation of wireless broadband and fast networks is driving data into the cloud, decoupling it from specific physical devices and ushering in an era of data access through any screen. The cloud makes these data easily accessible and as a result the need for local storage is increasingly diminished. Centralized cloud storage systems provided by authoritative and reliable third party organizations are dedicated to meeting these data storage needs. However, that raises the issue of data privacy. For example, do you feel comfortable handing over important data or even data of vital interests to somebody else for its safekeeping? Will they store your data as per your requirements? Can you be assured that your data will be retrievable in its entirety without compromise when you need it, and that your service provider will not expose it to anyone without your permission? Those are all the questions that must be answered before you take the next step. If the above are your concerns, then the now-popular centralized storage system may not fit you well anymore. You may ask: Is there any alternative secure data storage solution for me? The answer to this question is the decentralized cloud storage (DCS) system. DCS is not a new term, in fact, it was available on the market even during the early days of the digital age. Those who have experienced one or several of those DCS products may

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BCS distributed storage experiment based on Skynet is successful and applied for a patent

The core business system has always been the heavyweight system in the bank computer system and determines the foundation of service and innovation capabilities of banking products. Recently, Britain(BCS)has successfully completed a financial data transaction pair experiment based on Skynet blockchain distributed storage and cloud computing technology. Headquartered in London, Britain, Barclays(Barclays,LSE:BARC、NYSE:BCS)is the second largest bank in Britain and one of the world’s biggest banks and financial institutions. Barclays CDO Harry Powell, a senior analyst, explained how they iteratively processed

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Owing to the surge in blockchain revolutionary technology, which is disrupting virtually all spheres of human endeavors, including notably pertinent areas such as data and information. Apparently, this brings to fore the applicability of blockchain in resolving issues with a vital attention to communication as expatiated upon by Plugchain. Plugchain is a high-performance public chain committed to solving the interaction of information and data. It not only realizes the safe, smooth, and efficient communication for blockchain with the real world,

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ADAX Onboards Mate Tokay, co-founder, as a new Strategic Advisor

Nicosia, Cyprus, 30th June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – When a new project enters the market, establishing brand credibility is crucial, which is exactly what ADAX has done via developing strong strategic partnerships. ADAX is happy to announce that it has added Mate Tokay, co-founder of, to their team as a strategic advisor and an investor. The news of this partnership comes just after ADAX announced a partnership with Charli3, another major player within the Cardano ecosystem. About Mate: Mate has great influence in the blockchain and crypto space and

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Gibraltar, 29 June,2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Few months in, and the buzz behind non-fungible tokens seems to be growing by the day. Non-fungible tokens, commonly referred to as NFTs, allow users to exclusively own art, land, and rights to the music, among many other things. The NFTs cannot be replaced by anything by nature, making them one-of-a-kind creations, unique, and quite expensive.  In the last few months, developers have created and sold various NFT items, with some going for as high as

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Collector Coin Becomes First And Only Cryptocurrency For Card Collectors

Buying, selling, and trading collectible cards and sports cards becomes faster and easier thanks to the launch of the new cryptocurrency set on revolutionizing the hobby industry Staten Island, NY, 29 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, On Saturday afternoon at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center in Frisco, Texas, thousands of passionate collectible and trading card fans and aficionados converged at the renowned Collect-A-Con event for the chance to buy, sell, and trade their own card collections. The more than 400

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Uncleblock is the world’s first user-friendly digital asset trading platform. The core team members come from well-known technology companies and financial companies. They are deeply involved in the blockchain technology community and traditional financial industry. ‘uncleblock’ is the nickname derived from community users. uncleblock has successfully created a one-stop trading service for digital assets, which can provide users with trading services including spot, leverage, ETF, index, contract, etc., and POS mining pool services at the same time. In terms of

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OVO, Pioneered the first global standard for digital copyright certification – Dual Copyright Inspection Mechanism (DCIM)

It is reported that OVO (The Only Value Observation) global digital copyright service platform is expected to make its first public appearance on July 3 based on the “dual copyright inspection mechanism” digital copyright service platform, which provide a solid infrastructure for a wide range of creators’ economies. Recently, Japan’s famous two-dimensional character “Nyathees” has concluded an IP licensing cooperation agreement with OVO’s global digital copyright service platform.Starting on July 3, 2021, “Nyathees” collection cards will be auctioned on the

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